Culture & Traditions

Culture & Traditions

Taste the Liquid Gold of Greece

Olive oil lies at the core of Greek culture and mentality; it’s the country’s treasure, a product valued and cherished more than any other. Uncover the secrets of olive oil making and learn how to determine its quality while tasting the best extra virgin olive oil to your heart’s content.

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Culture & Traditions

Shape Unforgettable Moments with Your Own Hands

With a long tradition in pottery that dates back to ancient times, Greece is abundant in ceramic workshops on the mainland and the islands. Dig your hands in the wet clay and shape it into the best souvenir you could ever wish for.

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Culture & Traditions

Weave New Memories

Knowledgeable locals will let you in on the secrets of traditional weaving and how this century-old activity is intertwined with the Greek culture before you can try out your newly acquired skill on an old-fashioned loom.

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Culture & Traditions

Carve Your Dreams in Marble

Greece is world-renowned for its high-quality marble and the pieces of art carved in this precious material since ancient times. Follow in the Ancient Greek sculptors’ footsteps in creating your own marble masterpiece at a traditional local workshop.

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Culture & Traditions

Admire the Best Street Art

With artists from all over the world flocking to Greece to be part of its dynamic street art scene, it’s clear why the country’s cities are adorned with ephemeral wonders of the highest quality. Don’t miss the chance to check out the best murals before they’re gone.

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