Cook with Locals in a Village Home

The scrumptious Greek dishes taste even better if you’ve prepared them yourself in the company of locals while picking a Greek word or two and sharing memories with your newly acquired Greek family in the process. Choose the best seasonal ingredients and experience cooking at a local’s home kitchen.

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Taste The Legacy Of God Dionysus

Visit enchanting wineries set amidst gorgeous vineyards as you embark on a fascinating journey through Greece’s winemaking history that dates back to ancient times. Learn the secrets of the indigenous and century-old grape varieties and the distinct ways in which they are cultivated, according to each wine region’s special terroir.

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Explore Greece Through Its Tastes

Food is at the core of every culture and is one of the best ways to get to know a country and its people. Stroll around the most charming Greek towns and taste your way through their history, legends, and traditions while savoring local delicacies.

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Learn All About Cheese-Making

Step inside a local producer’s farmhouse or even a remote shepherd’s cave and take part in the fascinating process of transforming fresh milk into the most delicious cheese types produced in Greece, such as feta, graviera, and mizithra.

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