January 1, 2021

Top Reasons to Use a Luxury Travel Advisor

If you are considering planning a vacation, you have a lot of work to do. From booking flights and transportation, to finding the perfect resort and planning a travel itinerary, you almost need a second vacation just to recover from planning the first one! While some travelers tend to be more budget wise and save money wherever they can, they often overlook one factor that will save them both time and money. I am talking about using a luxury travel advisor. Now, you may be thinking “How is that going to save you money?” and that is a good question. Read along and find out as I share with you the top reasons you should be using a luxury travel advisor when planning your next vacation.

First, we have luxury hotel upgrades. A luxury travel advisor has a wide range of industry resources and they can often find you the best hotel deals at some of the world’s leading luxury hotels and resorts. You may even find that you can get a better room or a better view for the same price of a lower quality room had you booked it yourself.

Speaking of upgrades, most upgrades are based on availability at the time of check in. A luxury travel advisor can confirm upgrades at the time of booking and can often get you better upgrades that include more benefits. Knowing about these upgrades will save you time searching for them when you arrive at the hotel or resort.

A luxury travel advisor can also find you many hotel or resort perks that you might not know about. From complimentary meals and hotel spa services, to hotel credit, local excursions and more, it is just another reason to use a luxury travel advisor.

Need help with business or first class flights? A luxury travel advisor has more experience than anyone else when it comes to business class and first class flight bookings. Use their experience to ensure you get the flight you need and the level of comfort you want.

Finally, a luxury travel advisor offers assistance when you need it. They are usually available almost 24/7 and can make your vacation a memorable one. Their ability to open doors in some of the world’s most prestigious resorts will make planning your next vacation hassle free and convenient.

Don’t wait any more! Let us curate your own perfect holiday!