November 18, 2020

Why you should visit Greece in the fall?

Greece is NOT just for the summer! Sure, you have seen tons of photos and ads and blog posts about gorgeous Greece over the past month and into August it’ll continue. The beautiful beaches, blue skies, picturesque sunsets, cool pool bars. You dream of going to Greece too! Don’t worry, it’s not too late! There is still time for you to enjoy all the pleasures of Greece from September on. Prepare your schedule, pack your bags and get on that flight destined for Greece. Here are few of our favorite reasons to visit Greece in the Fall:


First step off the plane, you are not suffocated by the heat. Fall temps are cooler than July and August but still warm enough to wear your cutest summer outfits without the endless sweating.

And while we’re on the weather, the sea temps are warmer! They’ve had all summer to warm up and you can enjoy a leisurely swim.


Are you wine connoisseur and or foodie?  Late fall is the harvest season for grapes and olives. Try your hand at picking or better the tasting of wine and olives. Visit some of the top wineries and vineyards in the country for an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy more activities other than the beach. Beating the heat is key when you want to explore by foot. Discover some of the ancient walking paths all around the country. Hike up to the highest points to view incredible and romantic sunsets.


Beat the crowds. No need to wait in line or wait for a table or have a million photo bombers. Elbows out is not necessary. Visit secluded beaches that you’ll have to yourself. Reservations for hotel, restaurants, etc are less necessary than in the summer.

For the organized beaches, sport your hot new swimwear on the beach and find the perfect, first-row beach bed within minutes of arriving! That’s huge when you want to see and be seen on the hottest beaches of Greece.


Who needs inflated pricing? Fall prices for accommodation and flights tend to drop come September and on. Have a search around and book your trip now.

Upgraded services without the extra price tag. As the summer peak season simmers down, you’ll have the chance to enjoy better services and a few extra freebies in the fall. Now it’s time to book the room with the private pool you were dreaming off!

Winter is coming

Before the freezing season begins, gear up with some sun and relaxation. Get that late season tan that’ll last into the beginning of winter.

No need to hold back on the food and drink consumption. You’ll be in hibernation for the coming months, so go all in now!

Let’s hope that’s reason enough for you to book your last-minute fall trip to Greece. Of course, some things in Greece will never change, the unsurpassable warmth and hospitality of the Greek people along with the chaos and rule bending culture. The food is always good and the beer always cold. Enjoy Greece!